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How to Fly

Ed Kobans 2015 release How to Fly garnered Ed a nomination for Flutist of the Year at the 2016 Native American Music Awards. This critically acclaimed, genre defying collection of songs that range from evocative and haunting Native American Flute, to driving rock and anything in between.     

“I wanted to put out a release that represents me as a musician. My experiences recording and performing with different artists, with different styles, and from different genres, has impacted the music I make, and I wanted the CD to represent all the sounds I get in my head, and not be limited by the parameters of style and genre. Each song is very different, as have been my experiences; I think the CD does a good job of representing that.” –Ed Koban

It's rare to call something new music and have it mean just that: NEW. Ed Koban's HOW TO FLY is one of those rare instances.

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Listener Reviews via CD Baby

LIKE A GOOD BOOK : A couple of tracks in to this CD I was like "This is different, cool stuff, but not what I was expecting after seeing Ed Koban perform live with another artist. I expected some ripping blues rock guitar. The Wooden flute was a bit of a surprise. I'm glad I listened to the whole CD because I definitely got way more than I hoped for. This CD played like a good book, each song kind of was a different chapter, leading up to a killer ending. It covers all the bases, including the great guitar playing I was hoping for. This CD is in permanent rotation in my music player. I hope he puts out another on soon. Great, great stuff.

Kinda Blown Away:  I first encountered Ed at the Sundance film festival a few years back when he was invited on stage to sit in with an group that was playing the film festival. His guitar playing was very soulful and primal. I looked him up on line and found out he was more than just a guitar player. This album does not really fit into any specific category, but that's part of it's charm. Ed clearly was not concerned with staying inside a category or genre, and thank goodness for that. Suite 12 is sublime, the Title track is jumping from the first note. I can't get enough of this CD. I hope he's planning to put out more stuff. Outstanding.

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